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O Pellinore, de New Jersey que tem como integrantes Steve, Tim, Buzz, Frankie e Joe, toca um agressivo hardcore/punk com toques de thrash, sabendo muito bem alternar partes bastante rápidas com outras mais cadenciadas formando um som intenso e bem executado. Influenciados por Citizens Arrest, Rorschach e Siege, entre outros, o som se assemelha com bandas atuais como Ceremony, Trash Talk e Pulling Teeth. Até então, eles tem os EPs Hell Mouth (2006) e Memento Mori (2007), que também foram lançados juntos em um CD, e o split com o Surroundings chamado World Darkness. As boas letras são sombrias, depressivas e cheias de raiva, confira uma delas abaixo:

As time flies by, I realize my hardships
Our fellowship is coming to an end
Why, This battle won't cease
Normal, or different, we can't make peace
Why, we can't see, the world, beyond, the sea
Is there anything that exists
Or is it just me

Is something happening is it real- will we all be free
I can't seem to break the chains of un-normality
Sometimes I feel like I can conquer the world
Then an emperor comes around and destroys me to make me fall

This world, isn't so bad
Not being dead is worth being glad yet
Some, survive, the harshest of ways
Living in hell, day by day and
These facts, can't be controlled
Unworthly torture, nothing to hold, yet
Still, we sit, up or our throne
We wouldn't survive like them, on our own

So sick of being broken through
About my time to make things open to
A new beginning, away from the old
Its easier there is what i have been told
No frustration, power, or greed
Contimplations of an uphold of an army
Its time to stand up and express your self
Rise to the level of everyone else


Hellmouth Demo
1 - Drawbridge Chomper
2 - The Pellinore Fight Song
3 - Land Before Time
4 - Odds Or Evens
5 - Gnarwhal

Download Hellmouth

Memento Mori 7"

1 - Catastrophe
2 - Depraved
3 - The Monsoon
4 - Hawks And Doves
5 - The Scavenger's Daughter
6 - Disappear / Sink

Download Memento Mori

Surroundings & Pellinore - World Darkness

1 - Static Mind
2 - Fist Of Pils
3 - Long Highways
4 - Crippled By The Gospel
5 - Pack Of Rocks
6 - Anubis
7 - Dead Shell
8 - Pestilence

Download Surroundings & Pellinore


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