domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Shitmouth - The Revenge of Hot Nuns

Hardcore português simples e bebendo da fonte das bandas oitentistas americanas, como Circle Jerks, 7 Seconds, Black Flag, Descendents, Dead Kennedys. Eles são do Porto e lançaram sua primeira demo tape em janeiro de 2013. 
Por hoje é só, deixo a letra da ótima "Jesus Is Watching You Masurbate":

Jesus Is Watching You Masturbate

One day
long time ago
some bored christians
thouht what to do

Daughters are locked in home
Boys are praying on the church
let´s star a rumour
to make ourselves worth

Masturbation is bad for your wealth
It melts your eyes
but we still can beat our wives

Jesus christ is watching you masturbate
and if you do it, you go to hell
cause he´s good and he knows what is right
but what kind of sick fuck watches us playing with ourselves

Boys and girls
wait til marriage to have sex
cause the good lord says so
and you don´t wanna make him mad

Borges – Vocal
Carlos – Bateria
Pedro – Guitarra
Alex – Baixo

Ano: 2013
País: Portugal

01 - Shitmouth
02 - Jesus is Watching You Masturbate
03 - Cadilhe
04 - I Laughed
05 - Your Pussy Stinks
06 -Online Punx
07 - 2 Girls 1 Cup
08 - Society's A Herd

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